5th InfoCom Security Cyprus

Cyber Resilience in the Age of AI

Wednesday 6 December 2023 Cyprus State Fair, Nicosia

In a digital world, wihch is evolving rapidly, built on the pillars of cloud, IoT, Big Data, blockchain and many more emerging trends, as a result of the hybrid work environment, Artificial Intelligence becomes a part of the agenda of the issues that concern us most, recently, which today has a catalytic effect on the business ecosystem of all vertical markets, as well as the global economy and society, in general.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence, to a large extent, also concerns the security sector, since it can be used as a tool by both attackers and defenders, reshaping the strategy to deal with the ever-increasing threats in cyberspace.

In this context, the concept of Cyber Security is dynamically shifting towards Cyber Resilience, reflecting the need to strengthen cyber-resilience and create an even larger field of action for security, which includes multiple layers of protection against digital risks, while combining policies and measures, which help reduce the impact of an attack, ensuring continuous business operation.

The 5th iteration of Infocom Security Cyprus – which is the leading Digital Security event in Cyprus and Greece – will highlight all modern approaches to upgrade cyber resilience in the age of artificial intelligence, presenting, among other things, through its content and the exhibition:

Contemporary challenges surrounding the cyber threat landscape, focusing on ransomware and other attack campaigns, illuminating their most important aspects and characteristics.

New integrated solutions, technological tools and services that strengthen protection mechanisms, optimize risk management and put the goal of upgrading resilience into practice.

Awareness practices for Cyber Security, focusing on user education, but also compliance with the regulatory framework and standards for cyber security, as defined by the new NIS2 directive.

Expert speakers and professionals at the conference, will go into detail about the latest developments in cybercrime, the targets chosen by malware campaigns, and the impact in the case attackers breach the security of an enterprise’s infrastructure, while presenting protection methods and solutions, the implementation of which strengthens the security and resilience of organizations.

Sponsor Companies Expo

In the expo area of the conference, executives from sponsor companies of Infocom Security Cyprus, who represent, among others, important brands with global operations, but also companies that undertake IT projects, and in particular, the implementation of projects and the provision of digital security solutions and services in Cyprus, will have the opportunity to meet with visitors and inform them about all their activities.

Networking for a large community of professionals

InfoCom Security, both in Cyprus and Greece, has received for many years the universal recognition of people in IT and technology in general, having created a large community of professionals, researchers, experts and academics in this sector, who have the opportunity every year to meet and keep up to date about developments, and to exchange opinions during the conference.

So, this year too, Infocom Security Cyprus will evolve into a meeting and networking place for all executives of IT departments (CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, IT Managers, IT Auditors – Engineers – Administrators, Risk & Compliance Managers, DPOs, etc.) from companies and organizations of the Private and Public sectors, as well as professionals from the IT channels, companies active in the implementation of projects and the provision of IT solutions and services, as well as many academics, scientists and researchers.

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